This 1,200-square-feet apartment in Mumbai, designed ns*a architecture and interiors exudes a distinct vibe of formality with its rich oak wood walls, subtly offset by pops of colour

This home for a family of three is designed by Shruti Jalan and Neesha Alwani of ns*a architecture and interiors. “The family was clear they wanted a cosy home with large, airy spaces,” Jalan says. The client also wanted to do away with clutter—both physical and visual, and emphasise more on clean, neat and minimally treated spaces. “This was an exercise in renovation design. The previous, existing layout had too much space given to the utility areas and far too less to the living. The windows were small too. So, we agreed to combine programs and open up spaces to the outside,” Jalan says. The resulting design encourages conversation and quiet time between the family and doubles up as a formal entertainment zone when required.

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