Designers Neesha Alwani and Shruti Jalan of ns*a Architecture and Interiors cloak a dapper city cove in a classy wood ensemble


Custom crafted lounge chairs and sofas with teak frames and chenille fabric flank a series of glass tapped center tables atop a Jaipur Rugs dhurle in the living room FACING PAGE Oak panels encase a square grey and black marble niche in the dining zone. One of the key features here is the repurposed table with a marble finished, Carion top.

Mumbai Houzz: The Most Warm & Inviting Home You’ll Ever See


ns*a Architecture and Interiors redesigned this apartment to maximise open spaces and minimise visual clutter

A modern and welcoming home was the brief given to Neesha Alwani and Shruti Jalan, co-founders of ns*a Architecture and Interiors, by the homeowners. The family members are busy professionals, so they wanted to make the most of their time together at home. They also entertain often. Keeping this in mind, the team redesigned the apartment to offer the right balance of comfort and sophistication.

The Apartment by the Sea by ns*a Architecture & Interiors exudes sophistication, comfort and warmth


The Apartment by the Sea by ns*a Architecture & Interiors is home to founding partner Shruti Jalan and seamlessly blends sophistication with comfort and warmth. The residence is sea-facing on three sides, where the windows have been expanded and lowered to ensure uninterrupted views and ample natural light. Marble, golden brown oak wood, lime plaster and mid-century modern furniture with clean lines form the core of the compelling material palette and decor. Scroll down to read the designers’ description of the space.

This warm, wooden, minimal family home thrives in the heart of South Mumbai


This 1,200-square-feet apartment in Mumbai, designed ns*a architecture and interiors exudes a distinct vibe of formality with its rich oak wood walls, subtly offset by pops of colour

This home for a family of three is designed by Shruti Jalan and Neesha Alwani of ns*a architecture and interiors. “The family was clear they wanted a cosy home with large, airy spaces,” Jalan says. The client also wanted to do away with clutter—both physical and visual, and emphasise more on clean, neat and minimally treated spaces. “This was an exercise in renovation design. The previous, existing layout had too much space given to the utility areas and far too less to the living. The windows were small too. So, we agreed to combine programs and open up spaces to the outside,” Jalan says. The resulting design encourages conversation and quiet time between the family and doubles up as a formal entertainment zone when required.