Neesha Alwani and Shruti Jalan of ns*a Architecture & Interiors craft an urban cocoon in The City of Dreams


A modern, contemporary abode, nestled within the dense cityscape of Mumbai, breaks the monotony with sweeping views of the Arabian sea on one side and lush greens on the other. The 1200 sq.ft apartment, helmed by Neesha Alwani and Shruti Jalan of ns*a Architecture & Interiors for a family of three, is enveloped in a warm, luxurious wooden cocoon.

Part of the living room faces the ocean. Custom manufactured blue sofa and pink seaters.

Mumbai: This architect’s home is inspired by poetic openness of the sea beyond


“I hope you’re okay with some kale in the salad?” Shruti Jalan’s voice seems to echo from far away. She’s not, in fact. As she walks out of the kitchen, I break my trance-like gaze from the sublime blue view through the life-sized museum glass window the living room of her Mumbai apartment.

This 1,750 square feet Malabar Hill apartment in Mumbai is Shruti Jalan of ns*a Architecture and Interiors compelling ballad in concrete: Whimsical, calm and infused with familial warmth

Mumbai Houzz: A Designer’s Home Celebrates Sea Views & Wooden Accents


“The client’s requirement was for a bright and a spacious house,” said Neesha Alwani, co-founder of ns*a. And in this case, the owner of the apartment is none other than Shruti Jalan, the other co-founder of the design firm.

Being on a higher floor, this flat provides uninterrupted views of the ocean from three sides. Together, the duo worked around creating a design that maximised views where possible and also offer the warmth of a home.

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